Drupal Website Design | 3 Waves Media | Virginia Beach Web Agency


3 Waves Media has provided web services for numerous clients with a wide range of size and complexity. We have extensive knowledge of content managed (CMS) sites. We also have substantial experience writing custom code, adding and configuring plug-ins, ensuring proper functionality, and understanding the right aesthetic needed for each website's design. With the use of our choice CMS platform, Drupal, we build high end, scalable websites. The Drupal platform offers an extensive list of plug-in capability that we offer our clients. If there is a need for a specific functionality, chances are that we have already done it for a previous client. We also recognize the importance of SEO and social media in the development of each site.




Drupal is the most advanced, heavily supported and secure content management systems available. It offers a wide range of plug-in functionality, including event calendars, job boards, forums, blogs, eCommerce, and custom forms. Drupal also offers what we term “future ready” websites. Drupal websites are scalable and easily expandable. We have developed websites on Drupal in all shapes and sizes, from housing developments and online directories, to event websites, online retailers, medical practices and tech businesses.




We have a team dedicated to web design and development. Each has undergone training and education to qualify them to ensure 3 Waves Media's work meets web development standards (both technical specifications and best practices). The team is well versed in accessibility standards, and has created many accessible websites for clients in both public and private sectors. Our team has experience developing for a variety of platforms and languages; including PHP, ASP, enterprise level databasing, and specifically extensive experience with Drupal. As well, our team can help your website become more visible through current SEO practices.




  • Usable/accessibility
  • Custom workflows to streamline posting for authors and maintenance for system administrators
  • Cross browser and platform compatibility
  • Simplified integration of multimedia
  • Custom module development for both public websites and intranets
  • Focus on clearly displaying information by attention to typography and its uses; design orientated programming
  • Integration with existing systems and resources via Drupal’s API
  • Personal one-on-one training and clear custom user manuals and support for both system administrators and authors/staff
  • Focus on building a system to grow with your needs in a future friendly manner
  • Multi-user environments that support many levels of permissions and roles for workflow streams that require approval processes