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The Team: Meet Carlos

Well, guys, it's that time again! We're excited to welcome Carlos to the team as our new web designer.

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The Team: Meet Jackie

We're excited to welcome Jackie Watson to the 3 Waves team as our new Office Assistant! Check out this video and try to resist making her your new best friend!
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The Team: Meet Caleb

On Monday, we welcomed our summer intern Caleb to the team with open arms! Today, we welcomed him with open-ended questions.

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Top 10 SEO Resolutions for 2014

The holidays may be over, but we're going to be eating (Humming) bird for a while; work on adopting these 10 SEO resolutions so you can watch your site rise in the rankings as you watch your waistline.
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Go Multimedia or Go Home: Multimedia Content is King

Great content that is dynamic, engaging, and interesting can make all the difference both in terms of search results and in terms of your company’s reputation with its customers.
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3 Waves Media Becomes a Full Service Web and Print Solutions Company

Virginia Beach, VA (Thursday, November 15, 2012) - 3 Waves Media has expanded their offerings to include internet marketing services that will help businesses gain a prominent presence on the Web.
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Drupal Vs. Wordpress - The Gap is Closing

Many of you see that title and think, “I’ve seen too many articles about this topic, how could this one possibly be different?” I can answer that question with a word and a number: Drupal 7.

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Video Production Services by 3 Waves Media Virginia Beach

Sure, we can design the perfect print piece or build you an awesome website with all the bells and whistles, but did you know we do video too?

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