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Comfort Wear

Comfort Wear

Web Design

Heated outerwear company, ComfortWear, came to us looking to redesign their outdated website. They were looking for a modern, responsive, and on-brand design full of beautiful photos. Most importantly, they needed a secure and easy to use e-commerce system. We delivered!


We chose Open Cart, an open source e-commerce platform, to support their website and online store. With a user friendly back-end and reliable functionality, it was perfect for their company. We decided to do custom product and feature photography for them to give them the best brand consistency and visual appeal possible.


The website looks young and cutting edge, but also full of the warmth and comfort essential to ComfortWear's brand mission. The website is fast and fully responsive, with product pages that are beautiful, descriptive, and easy to navigate. We photographed all of their products for a consistent and exciting look, as well as producing a series of more editorial photos showing off their products in use! The website also features subtle animations throughout, which give the site that extra contemporary edge and increase usability.

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