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Military Produce Group

Military Produce Group

Web Design

Military Produce Group (MPG) is a Hampton Roads-based provider of fresh fruits, vegetables and plants to commissaries in the eastern part of the United States. They had a website that was outdated, non-responsive and holding the company back from its otherwise forward-facing initiatives. Most importantly, they needed a custom digital asset portal that would allow them to provide produce and point of sale marketing materials to their commissaries.


After meeting with key staff, we determined that a site built using Drupal CMS framework was best suited to meet Military Produce Group’s goals and vision. A site built on Drupal would allow for easy updating and would be scalable to meet the needs of Military Produce Group as the company grew. The new website was also designed with the modern military family in mind, with custom graphics and design aesthetic that embodies MPG’s core mission of providing the highest quality of produce available and guaranteeing healthy solutions to military families.


Military Produce Group’s new website is fast loading, easy to navigate, and has a responsive layout that scales to fit multiple device sizes. It also allows for digital file uploads that can be added to a cart or downloaded directly, an important feature of the custom portal we developed. The new website is engaging, attractive, fresh and, above all, user-friendly.

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